How to Identify Genuine Vegan Leather Business Bags?

How to Identify Genuine Vegan Leather Business Bags?
3 Mayıs 2022 22:41

Due to its comfort and durability, leather is used in a wide variety of products, from business bags and wallets, from shoes to luxury belts. So, what distinguishes genuine vegan leather from imitative leather? Moreover, how do you distinguish high-quality leather from lower grades?


What are the Ways to Understand Genuine Leather?


It is very difficult to recognize genuine leather bags among imitative leather products on the market. However, there are some clues to determine if a product is made of genuine leather.


  • Humidity Test


One of the easiest ways to determine if leather is genuine is to do a moisture or water test. When you drop some water on your bag or jacket, you will see that the genuine leather business bags absorbs the water droplets.


  • Genuine Leather Has Defects


Genuine leather comes from animal skin and may have internal wrinkles. However, all parts of artificial leather are the same and do not have such defects. In fact, these imperfections are a good sign of genuine authentic leather. The same repeating pattern is often a feature of artificial materials.


  • Smell Test


The smell of leather is always natural and musty. On the other hand, synthetic leather made from chemicals and machinery has a plastic-like odor. You can easily find genuine vegan leather products at Kaizer Leather. This allows you to have authentic leather accessories as in many countries such as England, Italy, Germany, India.


How to Understand Genuine Vegan Leather Wallet?


Wallets are among the basic accessories of both women and men. Besides, wallets are an extension of your wardrobe, representing your personality, choices and sense of style. Like many accessories, wallets have various standards. So, how to understand genuine vegan leather?


Always check the tags to identify the genuine leather wallet. If the label says man-made or synthetic, the leather is not genuine. Genuine leather always has veins, wrinkles and a few imperfections, as it is made from natural raw materials. Genuine leather has visible characteristic pores. The ultra-fine surface indicates the use of synthetic material. Vegan Leather changes color when fully bent or stretched. The most stressed area becomes slightly lighter in color. Remember that genuine leather also absorbs a small amount of moisture, while synthetic leathers do not. To test the authenticity, pour a few drops of water on the surface of the leather.


How to Understand Vegan Leather Business Bags?


You can use your sense of touch to understand whether business bags are genuine leather. When you compare genuine leather and imitative leather, you realize that both materials can be soft, rough or textured. However, the texture of genuine leather is more matte compared to the stylish perfect look of artificial leather. Kaizer Leather has a dedicated vegan leather business bags page that can help you understand the difference.


The price tag is also very important to identify the genuine leather bag. Because genuine business bags are always more expensive than imitative leather bags.  The best way to have genuine authentic leather bags and best crafted bags is to visit Kaizer Leather website. In this way, you can have the opportunity to access Kaizer’s original leather accessories, which set the direction of leather fashion in countries such as Italy, UK and France.